About Us

We want to demonstrate God’s purpose to everyone we meet through our conversations, actions and reactions.

God’s purpose is to bring everyone to their full potential in life, to be empowered and released.  To this end, He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die, that we may enter into a full relationship with God through forgiveness of sin, so that through his relationship He can transform us on a one-to-one basis.



As a church we genuinely believe that God loves each and every person within our local community.  More exciting than that, is to understand that God is not an absent father who merely watches people from afar, he wants to be actively involved with every area of their lives, to guide, encourage and bring out the full potential that is in each and everyone of us.

We believe the best way to reach out to our community is by building strong ongoing relationships with people and organisations, as we work with them to improve our community for all those involved.

As a church we are committed to:

At CCC we are committed to developing a personal relationship with God. We are committed to develop each persons calling and release them to serve the household of God and we are committed to living a life that makes a difference to one another, those we live with and those we work with.

At CCC the way we live (Culture) is inspired and based on God’s scriptural principles. We will demonstrate this by our conversations, actions and reactions

At CCC we recognise that we are placed in a community that has many needs. We will identify those needs in our community we can meet by demonstrating the practical love of God and declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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