This is perhaps one of the most well known stories in the New Testament.

Hopefullly this morning I can bring something fresh from it.


1.   Your Past doesn’t not decide your future!

We first meet Saul in Acts chapter 7 where he is a bystander watching the stoning of Stephen. (Acts 7:58)

But we read these awful words that tell us where he was at:

“And Saul approved of their killing him.” (Acts 7:60)

As chapter 8 begins we learn..” Saul began to destroy the church”.

He was a Pharisee and legalistic in his approach, hence his desire to get legal permission to pursue Christians outside Jerusalem.


2.   An encounter with Jesus always changes us!

Saul had made plans and preparations – but Jesus burst into the middle of all of that.

I don’t think you can meet Jesus and remain the same.


3.   We don’t always know everything straight away!

Sometimes we think we will meet Jesus and then we will be sorted out.

The journey is a journey of faith, we need sometimes to trust without seeing results.

Saul was blind – what an irony the man with power to throw people in jail now needed to be led by the hand like a little child.


4.   Our salvation is alone but our service involves others

Ananias – the man who laid hands on the great Apostle Paul.

He appears in 10 verses of the Bible, then we never hear of him again.

Are you willing to serve somebody else ?

A great musician was once asked “ what is the most difficult instrument to play?” .

To which he replied: ‘ second fiddle’.

Perhaps you’ve been envious of others ?

Maybe you think you should be doing bigger things ?

Without Ananias we don’t have a restored Saul!


Let me sum up by challenging you this morning:


If you have been hurt in the past or feel let down or misused by people in the past then let me pray for you this morning.

Your past does not have to dictate your future.

If you feel dry or out of sorts and feel you’ve lost your way a little bit, let me pray for you that you might encounter Jesus afresh.

An encounter with Jesus always changes us.

If you feel anxious about things and have been praying for an answer that doesn’t seem to have arrived. Let me pray for Gods peace to enable you to be content without knowing the answers.


If perhaps you’ve become a little weary in serving let me pray that God would refresh you.

Our Service involves others.