Winning Women Worldwide


We hold regular meetings or special events and women of any age are welcome at these meetings.  We meet from 7:30pm until around 9pm and we do something different every time we meet.  In the past few months we have had a cheese and wine evening, praise and worship evening, a body shop party, a Fizz Fashion show and a craft evening.

We are part of the a larger organisation called Winning Women Worldwide.  We follow their aims for women's ministry.  We want to develop women to their full potential so that they can be encouraged in their daily lives.  We focus on the well being of women, both in health and in a spiritual sense, we want women to be whole in their emotional and spiritual lives and we want women to have a winning attitude and to live a life where God is in the centre.


Contact Vivien Richmond further details: 07974 997978 or email

Visit Winning Women Worldwide for more information.