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Date Team  Music team Practice Nights
Apr 29th A Leader: Ray Tues May 2nd
May 27th   Guitar:  Tues July 3rd
Jun 24th   Keyboard: Tomasz, Drums : Andy Tues Aug 2nd
Jul 22nd    Vocals: Gabrielle, Sue Kelly & Rachel  
May 5th B Leader: Ray  
Jun 3rd   Guitar : Dale  (Dale to lead on 3rd)  
Jul 1st   Vocals: Leah ,Donna & Sue Kelly  
Jul 29th   Drums: Andy  
May 13th C Leader: Ray  
Jun 10th   Guitar:   
Jul 8th   Keyboard: Tomasz. Drums : Andy  
Aug 5th   Vocals: Gabiella ,Donna & Rachel  
May 20th  D Leader: Dale  
June 17th   Guitar: Dale  
Jul 15th   Vocals: Leah , Donna & Sue Moores  
Aug 8th    Drums: Andy  

If you are not available please contact Ray. Please be ready to practice by 09:30am each Sunday

Muscians practice 1st Tuesday in the month unless otherwise stated..

Music & Worship team
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